Product Of A Deranged Mind’ CD and tape and download officially released today!

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The wait is over and today marks the release of the brand new release from Deadman’s Blood. Released in con­junc­tion with the so-called ‘end of the world’ and the Win­ter Sol­stice, this is the release that Deadman’s Blood fans have been patiently wait­ing for all year. Plagued by set backs and release date changes, we are now very proud to announce the offi­cial release of ‘Prod­uct Of A Deranged Mind’ on lim­ited edi­tion CD, offi­cial down­load via iTunes and Ama­zon, and spe­cial lim­ited edi­tion Die-hard cassette.

Not only does this release con­tain some of the most putrid and rot­ten Death Metal so far by the band, it also fea­tures spe­cial appear­ances by three of the most respected and leg­endary Death Metal artists in the world. Kam Lee (ex Death/Massacre, now of Bone Gnawer and The Grote­suery) and Mike Brown­ing (ex Mor­bid Angel/Acheron/Nocturnus, now of After Death) have laid down guest vocals on all songs, and Brian Werk­ing of the leg­en­day Florida Death Metal band Exmor­tis has laid down some out­stand­ing gui­tar solos on all songs. Brian has also been the man behind the pro­duc­tion of this release and has done an amaz­ing job, as I am sure you’ll agree when you hear it.

The EP also fea­tures exclu­sive art­work by Kam Lee, done specif­i­cally for this release and we think it fits per­fectly for Deadman’s Blood.
The CD is lim­ited to 100 copies, all hand-numbered. The cas­sette is extremely lim­ited to just 20 copies, and is avail­able in any one of 10 dif­fer­ent colours (2 of each colour is avail­able.) Both phys­i­cal ver­sions come with pro-printed glossy inlays, with art and printed lyrics.
We can finally release a photo of the cas­sette ver­sion, pic­tured below…

photophoto (1)

Colours from top left, work­ing clock­wise: Nuclear Orange, Smashed Skull White, Blood Red, Radioac­tive Green, Sulphuric Acid Clear with Metal­lic Pink tint, Retro 80’s Hot Pink, Puke Green, Squashed Brain Grey, Infected Vomit Orange, Water-logged Corpse Blue. Please note, when order­ing the cas­sette ver­sion, you may spec­ify your colour choice but please add a sec­ond and third choice because there are only two of each colour avail­able and these will be sold on a first come first served basis. If you do not spec­ify a colour, or if all your choices are sold out then you will be sent a colour of our choice.

We want to thank every­one who has ordered a CD so far, and thank in advance those of you who will be orderng the tape ver­sion. Please remem­ber that deliv­ery times will vary depend­ing on where you live and with it being Christ­mas and New Year, deliv­er­ies may be fur­ther delayed but rest assured your order will be with you soon.

Finally, 2013 will bring the long awaited and much asked for Deadman’s Blood shirts and patches, so if you’re one of those peo­ple who have been enquir­ing about these, please keep check­ing back here for updates.

Until next time, fes­ter­ing fes­tive greet­ings from the Deadman’s Blood corpses!


Product Of A Deranged Mind’ released this week! Pre-orders now accepted.

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Finally the wait is over and the new CD from Deadman’s Blood is out this week on Fri­day 21st Decem­ber, to coin­cide with the so-called ‘end of the world’… Well if that does come true then sadly none of you will get to hear this mon­stros­ity of per­ver­sion. Pro­vid­ing the world does carry on as usual though, you can now pre-order the CD, which is pic­tured below.


The whole pack­age looks really cool and we’re pretty pleased with it, we think you will like it. For your hard earned pen­nies you will receive an indi­vid­u­ally num­bered CD with pro­fes­sion­ally printed glossy inlay book­let com­plete with art and lyrics, plus the pro­fes­sion­ally dupli­cated disc con­tain­ing some of the nas­ti­est old school Death Metal you will have heard all year. So what are you wait­ing for? If putrid and rot­ten Death Metal is what you crave, look no fur­ther and order the CD now via the shop­ping tab at the top of this page.

The tape ver­sion will be avail­able to buy from 21st Decem­ber for all of you who col­lect cas­settes — this will be a strictly lim­ited edi­tion of only 20 copies and will be avail­able in 10 dif­fer­ent colours. Highly collectible!

For those of you who pre­fer dig­i­tal down­loads, you can also pur­chase ‘Prod­uct Of A Deranged Mind’ via iTunes and Ama­zon, a link to this can also be found on the shop­ping tab.

Thank you to all of you who have been patient whilst wait­ing for this release to hap­pen — we hope it’s as hor­rific and dis­turb­ing for you as you had dreamed it would be. T shirts will be avail­able soon but until next time, thanks for all the val­ued support!

Vom­ited sentiments,

Deadman’s Blood

Pre-orders for the new EP

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Well it’s been a busy few months here. Most of the Sum­mer was spent record­ing the new EP, which is soon ready for release. Orig­i­nally it was expected to be release at the end of the Sum­mer but what with one thing and another, this was not pos­si­ble — rest assured though, the wait is nearly over and it will be worth it.

We can now proudly release the track list­ing and title for the new EP. Enti­tled ‘Prod­uct Of A Deranged Mind’, it will fea­ture four brand new songs of rot­ten Death Metal. The track list­ing is as follows;

1) The Knife (Will Cut You Deeper)

2) Zom­bie Creep­ing Flesh

3) House Of Horrors

4) Can’t Escape The Butchery

All four songs fea­ture guest vocals from Kam Lee and Mike Brown­ing, and Exmor­tis gui­tarist Brian Werk­ing has laid down the gui­tar solos on each track too giv­ing a whole new dimen­sion to the songs. In addi­tion to Brian lend­ing his hand with the gui­tar work, he has also done all the pro­duc­tion, mix­ing and mas­ter­ing — and believe me,  I have heard the final mas­tered ver­sions and he has done a killer job on it.

As you may already know, Kam Lee has done the cover art exclu­sively for this release and we are happy to be able to finally release the cover to the pub­lic, pic­tured below.

As you can see, Kam has put a lot of effort into the cover and I feel that it fits Deadman’s Blood and the theme of the EP perfectly.

The EP will be released in the com­ing weeks, lim­ited to 100 CD’s, 15 cas­settes and will also be avail­able to buy as dig­i­tal down­load. The CD will boast a glossy inlay com­plete with art and lyrics, and printed discs whilst the cas­sette will fea­ture a glossy four panel inlay, again with art and lyrics but a slightly dif­fer­ent lay­out to the CD. The cas­sette ver­sion will be avail­able in three dif­fer­ent coloured cas­sette shells, is strictly lim­ited edi­tion and is purely for those die hard old school­ers who refuse to let go of the 80’s and 90’s.

Pretty soon I will begin to accept pre-orders so if you are one of those peo­ple who wants to bag your­selves one of these then keep up to date with my move­ments on Face­book and of course check for updates on this site. The antic­i­pated release date for the EP is 17th Decem­ber, although pre-orders will be accepted and enabled through this web­site up to a week prior to that date.

Until next time, regur­gi­tated regards…


Brian Werking to play session lead guitar on the new EP

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In addi­tion to Kam Lee and Mike Brown­ing doing guest vocals on the new Deadman’s Blood EP, I am now proud to announce that Brian Werk­ing of Mary­land based Death Met­allers Exmor­tis has now joined the ranks and will be play­ing ses­sion lead gui­tar on the four new songs which are to be fea­tured on the forth­com­ing EP, which is cur­rently set to be lim­ited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

I am hon­oured to be work­ing with three such high pro­file musi­cians and can’t wait to see what the end result turns out like. So far there are three songs writ­ten and recorded, with the fourth one cur­rently in the works. You can be sure to expect some­thing pretty spe­cial from the new mate­r­ial but of course it has not strayed from the tra­di­tional sound of putrid and rot­ting Death Metal, it’s just got­ten more vile!

In other news, Kam Lee has com­pleted work on the art for the front cover and I must say that he has com­pletely out­done him­self. The detail and care that’s gone into it is sec­ond to none and when you see it, I think you will agree that as well as being a tal­ented vocal­ist, he is also one hell of an artist.

Finally, Deadman’s Blood t shirts, longsleeves and hood­ies will be avail­able soon to coin­cide with the release of the new EP. The shirts will have the logo embla­zoned on the front of each gar­ment and is obvi­ously a must for all you true Death Metal lovers out there. Watch this space and there will be more updates as and when they hap­pen… So until then — regur­gi­tated regards.

Death Metal legends Kam Lee and Mike Browning to feature on the new Deadman’s Blood demo

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The new mate­r­ial from Deadman’s Blood is well under way and is sound­ing as foul as ever. The new EP is due out May/June 2012 and will fea­ture some of the most vile sound­ing Tra­di­tional Death Metal you will hear this year.

I am extremely priv­i­leged to be work­ing with two of the gen­res most respected vocal­ists who are doing guest vocals for me on the new mate­r­ial and I am proud to announce that none other than The Grotes­query vocal­ist Kam Lee and After Death vocal­ist Mike Brown­ing will be join­ing the deprav­i­ties with me on the new EP. Some of you may know these two bet­ter as vocal­ists from Death Metal pio­neer­ing bands Mas­sacre and Noc­tur­nus so it’s set to be a great slice of rot­ten Death Metal.

For those of you who are inter­ested, there is a sneak pre­view of some of the new mate­r­ial here which is a new song enti­tled ‘The Knife (Will Cut You Deeper)’ so hope­fully this will wet your appetite for the sick­ness that is yet to come.

Thanks to all of you who have been sup­port­ing me through Deadman’s Blood and my other band Witch­clan, there will be more updates as we get them so until next time — stay dead…


Demo sold out!

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Thank you to all of you who have bought the demo. It was almost sold out in two weeks and had a hand­ful hang­ing around for the past week or so, but the demo has now com­pletely sold out.

The demo has had a great recep­tion and some strong feed­back from every­one who has bought it and has had some air­play on some rep­utable radio shows includ­ing Kam Lee’s From The Crypt.

From late Decem­ber I will be begin­ning work on demo num­ber 2, which is set for an early 2012 release. So far there are some good ideas float­ing around for songs and lyrics so the new demo is set to be some of the most vile and filthy Death Metal to date.

More news as and when it hap­pens — thank you to all who have sup­ported Deadman’s Blood in some way, shape or form. Here’s to a depraved 2012…

Demo update

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Well what can I say? After only a week of the demo ‘Tales From The Dark­side’ going on sale, we had sold over 20 and had shipped the demo to peo­ple all over the world. At the time of typ­ing this, there are lit­er­ally only 3 copies remain­ing so if you want one you had bet­ter be quick.

So far, the feed­back has been noth­ing but pos­i­tive, with every­one com­ing back to me say­ing how much they like the tracks on the CD and how much they are look­ing for­ward to the next mate­r­ial. In addi­tion to the great responses, the demo has had some air­time on the radio thanks to Death Metal leg­end Kam Lee who has been play­ing it on his show, From The Crypt for which I am very grate­ful for.

I am itch­ing to get back into the stu­dio to cre­ate some more hor­rific sound­tracks of grotesque mor­bid­ity. This will be hap­pen­ing next month and the mate­r­ial cre­ated will be appear­ing on the next release from Deadman’s Blood which is planned for late Winter/early Spring so until then, enjoy the MP3 sam­ples and when the demo is fully sold out which I expect to be later this week, I will enable a full free down­load of the demo direct from this site.

Thanks to all of you who have bought the demo and sup­ported Deadman’s Blood and until next time — stay morbid.





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Wel­come to the brand new web­site for UK Death Metal band Deadman’s Blood.
This web­site has been set to go live on 31st Octo­ber — the release date of the debut demo ‘Tales From The Dark­side’. The demo is avail­able from us via this web­site, all you need to do is click on the shop tab above.

The band has been cre­ated by the man behind UK Black Metal band Witch­clan and is ideal for fans of the older style of Death Metal. Basi­cally, if you like bands like early Autopsy, Car­nage and so on then you just might like Deadman’s Blood.

The demo is a lim­ited edi­tion 3-track affair, ded­i­cated to deliv­er­ing only the sick­est, most revolt­ing sound­ing Death Metal you can think of. There are only 30 copies being made so it’s des­tined to be a sought after clas­sic and will prob­a­bly sell out fast so be quick if you want one.

Future plans will be a new demo, prov­ing to be filth­ier and more depraved than the first. So far the band has had some healthy inter­est from peo­ple world­wide. Over the next few months we aim to spread the decay and rot even fur­ther so watch out!

Keep check­ing back for some more updates.

Until next time, stay rotten!!